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Workers performing integration and test
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Flight Systems Integration and Test Branch
Code 568
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Electrical Engineering Division
Code 560, NASA GSFC Greenbelt, Maryland

Flight Systems Integration and Test Branch, Code 568

The Flight Systems Integration and Test Branch supports both Space and Earth science.

Points of Contact


  • Planning,
  • Execution
  • Consultation

Services for spacecraft, subsystems, payloads and instruments carried by orbital and sub-orbital launch vehicles.

Specialties Include

  • Integration and test program design
  • Program management and execution
  • Shuttle, Space Station, and small payloads expertise
  • What We Can Do

Facilities and Labs

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  • Thermal Vacuum Chamber
    • Specifications
      • Ultimate Vacuum = 2.4 x 10 -6 Torr
      • No load Temperature extremes = -28 deg C to 70 Deg C
      • Pump down time for vacuum is just under 1 hour
      • No load Cool down time from 22 C to -19 C will take around 2 hours
      • No load transition time during normal thermal vacuum conditions is 4 to 5 hours
      • Interior dimensions: 3’diameter x 30” height (additional height achievable with expansion rings)
      • Chamber and all controls are on a wheeled car