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Microelectronics and Signal Processing Branch
Code 564
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Electrical Engineering Division
Code 560, NASA GSFC Greenbelt, Maryland

Microelectronics and Signal Processing Branch, Code 564

Points of Contact


  • Design and development of leading edge microelectronics devices and components for infusion in both flight and ground applications.

Specialties Include

  • ASIC and VLSI devices
  • Device packaging techniques
  • Advanced electronics architectures
  • Design and simulation of custom circuits

Flight Hardware Development

  • Instrument Electronics
    • Detector Interfaces
    • Detector Environmental Control
    • Science Data Processing
    • Instrument Housekeeping and Control
    • Instrument/Spacecraft Interfaces
  • Study and Proposal Support
  • Proof-of-Concept, Breadboard, and Flight Electronic Circuit, Board, and Box Development

Technology Research and Development

  • Very High Rate Digital Receiver - 1 GHz, follow-on to 600 MHz receiver
  • Data Compression/Processing Algorithm Development
  • Bandwidth Efficient Channel Coding/Modulation Research
  • Microelectronics Research at the Institute of Advanced Microelectronics. A collaborative effort between NASA, the Office of Naval Research, and the University of New Mexico:
    • Data Compression Chip Set
    • Reed Solomon Coder/Decoder
    • Ultra Low Power CMOS Research
    • Radiation Tolerant Cell Library
    • Reconfigurable Pipeline Processor

Facilities and Labs

  • View the Facilities and Labs
  • Microelectronics Design Center
    • High Density Digital ASIC Facility
    • Advanced Analog ASIC Facility
  • Data Compression and Image Processing Lab
  • Other Laboratory Facilities: Electromagnetic Shield Room, Thermal Chamber, and General Electronics Laboratory Space