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Power Systems Branch
Code 563
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Electrical Engineering Division
Code 560, NASA GSFC Greenbelt, Maryland

Power Systems Branch, Code 563

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  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Consultation services for spacecraft, spacecraft payloads and instruments, and sub-orbital payloads.

Specialties Include

  • High and low voltage instrument power
  • Spacecraft power system design
  • Solar arrays
  • Batteries

Facilities and Labs

  • View the Facilities and Labs
  • Battery Lab
    • Flight Battery Storage; Characterization & Specialized Tests; Incoming Inspections
  • High Voltage Lab
  • Solar Array Lab
    • Solar Array Flash Test; Incoming Solar Panel Inspection
  • Specialized Electronic Lab Equipment
    • Thermal Vacuum Chamber - Used for high voltage power supply testing, especially in troubleshooting.
    • Biddle Corona Discharge System - Used to detect dielectric flaws that produce low level corona with the application of voltage. In flight these defects can produce a full breakdown of the insulation. Operates up to 60KV DC or AC, ambient and in vacuum.
    • Specialized Software - Used for modeling, testing, and analyzing power electronics.