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Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Office
Code 562
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Electrical Engineering Division
Code 560, NASA GSFC Greenbelt, Maryland

Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Office, Code 562

The Parts, Packaging, and Assembly Technologies Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is a center of excellence in electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) parts, and electronic packaging and processing technologies.

Code 562 strives to provide world class expertise in support of the development, evaluation and validation of advanced technology and reliable systems for aerospace application.

The office provides unique and essential parts, packaging, and advanced technology support to internal and external customers and partners to meet mission reliability, cost, and schedule goals in two areas:

  • Flight Project Support
  • Applied Research

Flight Project Support encompasses aspects of reliable systems development including:

  • Space environment definition and simulation
  • Part selection, evaluation and testing
  • Instrument development and calibration
  • Characterization and validation of technologies
  • Application engineering
  • Anomaly investigation
  • Maintenance of databases for parts and radiation information

The Applied Research aspects of the branch support efforts in:

  • Parts and technology issues
  • Emerging and State-of-the-Art technology developments
  • Development and extension of device and environment models
  • Instrument and payload development
  • Novel materials and microelectronics developments
  • Emerging photonics
  • Evaluation and analysis of space flight data (including anomalies) Partnerships
  • Technology transfer

To fulfill this mission, the office has extensive laboratories and computer-based simulation and analysis capabilities, and an active presence in the aerospace community including conference participation, partnerships, and data dissemination.

2004 Annual Report (PDF 2.6M)

Knowledge Sharing Program

Lunch and Learning Presentations

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  • Support is provided in these areas:
    • Project Parts Engineering
    • EEE Parts Testing
    • Failure Analysis
    • Board Assembly
    • Fiberoptics/Photonics Termination
    • Technology Research and Evaluation

Facilities and Labs

The Parts Analysis Lab, located at Goddard Space Flight Center, provides the following services:

  • Failure analyses of electrical and electromechanical parts and assemblies
  • Destructive physical analyses
  • Incoming test and inspection
  • Screening/flight qualification and evaluation

The Lab publishes detailed reports of all test results and maintains active data bases and historical data for traceability and potential trend analysis.

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