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Electrical Engineering Division
Code 560, NASA GSFC Greenbelt, Maryland

EEE Parts and Screening

The purpose of this site is to support parts engineers, designers, system assurance managers and project managers in selecting, testing and procurement of EEE parts for use on NASA programs/projects by providing links to parts related documents developed by NASA centers and Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) as listed below.

EEE- INST-002 (GSFC Parts Document) - Supersedes 311- INST-001, Rev. A. The revised document has added derating guidelines and four new sections to provide instructions for plastic encapsulated microcircuits, crystals, heaters, and switches. Selection, Screening and Qualification requirements, as well as references to military specifications, and test methods have also been updated.

NPSL (NASA Parts Selection List) (NASA Parts Selection List) - Provides a detailed listing of EEE parts types recommended by NASA EEE Parts Assurance Group (NEPAG) for NASA flight projects based on evaluations, risk assessments and quality level requirements for each part type.

PPL (GSFC Preferred Parts List)- A compilation of high-reliability EEE parts suitable for use in space flight applications.

JPL-D-20348 - Provides Institutional Parts Program Requirements for JPL Space Flight Projects

MSFC-STD-3012 - Provides EEE Parts Management and Control FOr MSFC Space Flight Hardware.

DSCC Military Specifications/ SMDs/ Standards - Provides search tools to retrieve military drawings, specifications, and handbooks.

DSCC Standard Microcircuit Cross Reference (Standard Microcircuit Cross Reference) - Provides a cross-reference between standard DSCC SMD, QML or MIL-M-38510 part numbers and their generic or vendor part numbers. This site also provides addition tools to search by description, vendor name, cage code, or NSN.

Part Manufacturers - Provides a list of part manufacturers and QPL (Qualified Product Listing) for each part category.

QPLD  (Qualified Parts List Directory) – Contains a listing of parts and the associated manufacturers approved to provide them to NASA/GSFC specifications.

311-INST-001, Rev. A (August 1996) - Superseded by the EEE-INST-002 on May 2003.; Users are recommended to use the new document for all upcoming projects.

Section Part Type Point of Contact Phone
1 General Instructions For All Part Categories Dr. Kusum Sahu 301-286-8838
C1 Capacitors Tom Duffy 301-286-9693
C2 Connectors & Contacts Terry King 301-286-9309
C3 Crystals Gerry Kiernan 301-867-0142
C4 Crystal Oscillators Gerry Kiernan 301-867-0142
F1 Fiber Optics Dr. Tracee Jamison 301-286-1157
Marcellus Proctor 301-286-9402
F2 Filters Tom Duffy 301-286-9693
F3 Fuses Thom Perry 301-286-9697
H1 Heaters Tom Duffy 301-286-9693
M1 Magnetics Gerry Kiernan 301-867-0142
M2 Microcircuits, Hybrid Ashok Sharma 301-286-6165
M3 Microcircuits, Monolithic Susan Ritter 301-286-7872
M4 Microcircuits, Plastic Encapsulated Dr. Alexander Teverosky 301-286-6216
R1 Relays, Electromagnetic Thom Perry 301-286-9697
R2 Resistors Thom Perry 301-286-9697
S1 Semiconductor Devices Dennis Krus 301-286-1121
S2 Switches Terry King 301-286-9309
T1 Thermistors Thom Perry 301-286-9697
W1 Wire & Cable Terry King 301-286-9309

*The points of contacts in this table are listed in the GSFC commodity experts. A complete listing of technical experts at all NASA centers is available at

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